Another week, another totally inconceivable Question Time statement that has stopped us in our tracks and made us contemplate the very existence of human life.

This time, rather than an old actor displaying his sexism or perpetuating blatant homophobia, we had a Brexiteer advocating for the break up of the United Kingdom.

The episode, which came from Warrington, Cheshire, saw a woman in the audience proclaim that the government should do whatever it takes to ensure Brexit and if that means saying goodbye to Scotland and Northern Ireland then so be it.

In an angry rant she said:

Leave means leave – that is what I voted for and that is what I expected.

All the prevaricating is just ridiculous, we’re just going round in circles.

Why don’t we just break off? Just leave, let it be done with that. If Ireland’s a problem, give it back to the Irish.

Let them have it, they don’t want to be a part of us anymore and neither do the Scots.

Let Scotland go as well, I really don’t care. I just want out of this damn mess.

The pro-EU Tory MP Kenneth Clarke did attempt to interject and explain why this would be catastrophic and cause numerous complications but the woman wasn't having it.

Sure enough, her comments soon started to be circulated on social media, with many pointing out the obvious irony of Brexiteers who voted to 'take the country back' are now prepared to break up the entire thing.

As it stands Brexit isn't due to take place until October 31 but, judging by Thursday's local elections, where the Tories and Labour suffered significant losses to the pro-EU Lib Dems, the public are now more against Brexit than ever.

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