Nigel Farage has attempted to defend himself after he received criticism for travelling 100 miles during lockdown to make a film about migrants.

The Brexit Party leader travelled from his home in Kent to Pett Level in east Sussex before moving on to Hastings, for a short video where he attempted to investigate the number of migrants that were still coming to Britain during the pandemic, while also talking to a local man about what he had seen.

Following the release of the film, it was branded "racist" and "xenophobic" by people on Twitter.

But Farage was criticised by many online has he had clearly made an "non-essential" journey for this video (especially as the government has deemed that people should only leave their house for groceries or other important items or one piece of exercise).

In an attempt to defend his position, a spokesperson for the former MEP has said that Farage qualifies as a 'key worker' due to his work for LBC Radio. Farage's representative has been quoted by The Mirror as saying:

Nigel was working as a broadcaster. His interviews taken as part of the report were later used on LBC Radio.

The government has said that journalists and broadcasters can be considered as key workers as they are providing a the public with information but as the Daily Mail reports, Downing Street has said that these rules only apply to reporters who are covering stories about the coronavirus, which Farage wasn't.

This is hardly the first time that Farage has broken the rules during the lockdown. At the end of March, he revealed on LBC Radio that he once left his home eight time in one day but claims that he didn't see a single person.

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