Jim Davidson just unveiled a portrait of Nigel Farage entitled 'Mr Brexit' and everything is awful

Twitter / @MichaelDeacon

With Britain’s official exit from the EU looming, you might have found yourself thinking that the attention-seeking antics of Brexiteers could be about to end.

But if the last 24 hours are anything to go by, you’d be very, very wrong.

First we had a jubilant Nigel Farage delivering a blistering critique of the EU in his final address to the European parliament, while his Brexit Party MEPs waved tiny little British flags.

But Nigel isn’t done there.

Today, in typical modest fashion, Farage unveiled a portrait of himself. The portrait, which is entitled “Mr Brexit”, was unveiled with the help of controversial comedian Jim Davidson.

Yes, we’re living in hell.

After being tweeted by Telegraph journalist Michael Deacon, the image went viral on Twitter. Many people are convinced we’re living in a simulation because reality can’t possibly be this bad. But alas, this did actually happen...

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