The 8 most interesting ‘celebrities’ and famous figures Nigel Farage is sharing a platform with on Thrillz

The 8 most interesting ‘celebrities’ and famous figures Nigel Farage is sharing a platform with on Thrillz

Nigel Farage has joined Thrillz.

Yes, that’s right, the politician everyone wishes they hadn’t heard of has joined the platform precisely noone has heard of - which is basically the UK’s answer to Cameo, where languishing celebrities record personalised messages to fans for extortionate prices.

British messages for British people.

In joining Thrillz, Farage joins a roster of some famous and some not so famous faces who also flog their wares for around £50 a video, and what a squad he’s now in.

So, from ‘Prince Harry’ to ‘that bloke from Made in Chelsea’, here are some of Farage’s new colleagues.

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Prince Harry... lookalike

Wow, Thrillz is really attracting the rich and famous and even the royal heights of the celebrity class, sort of.

We’re sure flag-waving Farage would love to work alongside the likes of royalty - though we know Harry’s not exactly his favourite, but for now he will have to settle with a lookalike who flogs messages for £45.

In another news, Thrillz also has an Ed Sheeran lookalike, who is a different person.

Barack Obama... lookalike

This is more like it, Farage is really mixing with the most prestigious of politicians... or their lookalikes. Fake Obama charges between £200 and £2000 for a little vid, so even knock off politicians are deemed more valuable than Farage, who’s starting price is £74.

George Galloway

George Galloway said he would challenge the resultGetty Images

Farage has finally got a politician friend to hang out with in the virtual world of Thrillz - it’s just a shame it’s George Galloway.

Galloway - who is still yet to eat his hat over a failed election prediction - says he’s temporarily unavailable (perhaps prepping his hat in the oven) but it’s nice Thrillz has a healthy balance of right-wing “characters” and left-wing “characters”.

Gillian McKeith

McKeith - once known for excavating people’s crap on television - can now be hired to chat s**t of a fortunately less literal kind for £500 a pop.

Since her poo days, McKeith has gone down the rabbit hole of a number of Covid conspiracy theories and is frequently roasted on social media for her not so hot takes, so it seems she could also go the way of Farage and get absolutely pranked on the platform.

The Grinch

If Farage wants to be the most grumpy figure on Thrillz, he may be disappointed to learn that punters can pay £35 to get a shout out from some random person who impersonates the Grinch.

Hugo Hammond


Having failed to find love during his stint in the Love Island villa this summer, Hammond has turned to Thrillz to make a few extra bob (£45 per video, to be precise) through shout outs to people who probably want to “couple up” with him.

Ciarán Joyce

Who? Lol from Tracy Beaker. Ah, ok.

How much? £25. Ah, right. Yeah, you’re alright thanks.


Digby - or ‘that bloke off Made In Chelsea’ - is temporarily unavailable, according to his bio, but when he’s not busy doing whatever models and Z-list TV stars do (press ups maybe?), Digby does shout outs to random fans.

Squad goals.

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