Nigel Farage roasted as he signs up to yet another ‘celebrity’ messaging service for extra pocket money

Nigel Farage roasted as he signs up to yet another ‘celebrity’ messaging service for extra pocket money

Clearly not content with the dollar he has raked in from being pranked on Cameo, Nigel Farage has now announced he will be flogging his wares on another messaging service called Thrillz - but not everyone is as thrilled as he is about it.

Posting on Twitter, the part-time politician and full-time grifter said he would be “exclusive” to the platform and that people could book him there for numerous lovely things including conferences and shout outs.

“I’m making my debut on @thrillz_uk, the British celebrity video messaging platform that is making huge waves! From now on, you can find me exclusively on Thrillz for birthday shout outs, Christmas greetings, face-to-face chats and conference bookings,” he said.

In an accompanying video that looked like a hostage situation, he added he was so enamoured with the brand because “they’re a British company, they’ve got great tech, they’re going places this company.

“I am thrilled to be at Thrillz.”

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If you are thrilled that Farage is on Thrillz, start counting your pennies now. Prices start at £74 to get a video shout out while it costs £4,500 to get him to (virtually) speak at a business event. A one-on-one Zoom meeting will set you back £500, while you have to get in touch to find out how much an in person event would cost - so we can only imagine how much it costs.

He has already made three videos; one in which he wishes someone a Merry Christmas (and for some reason says it will be extra special because of Brexit); another in which he calls someone a “Corbynista Remoaner vegan” and another in which he jokes about the online game Among Us.

Meanwhile, by joining Thrillz, Farage sits side by side with numerous other “celebrities” including Kerry Katona, Katie Price, Basil Brush and Paul Chuckle.

On his Thrillz profile, Farage added: “Mr Brexit was a name given to me by Donald Trump and it has stuck. Outside of London, I get treated as a hero and never have to buy a drink. In London, I need full-time security!

“I was supposed to be a businessman, but the cause of our country breaking free from the grip of Brussels consumed me and led to over 20 years in the European parliament and some dramatic confrontations with EU bosses and national leaders, through which came YouTube fame.

“My life has always been controversial, but never boring. Having cheated death 3 times I live life to the full. My recent adventure has been as a TV presenter at GB News, which I love.”

Not the best dating profile, but whatever.

It is not the first time Farage has tried to bring home the bacon by doing the bare minimum and we are not even talking about his stint as an MEP. Earlier this year, Farage joined Cameo and was duly tricked into making rude jokes, posting messages in support of the IRA, and hanging out with a tree. While his exclusive contract with Thrillz means these messages will be a thing of the past, we’re sure we’ll see the same sort of thing on his new app.

Reacting to his latest Del Boy incarnation, people were quick to take the p***.

Whatever next?

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