Love Island reunion: All the best memes and reactions from the final dose of villa action

Love Island reunion: All the best memes and reactions from the final dose of villa action

Addiction is often treated with weaning, in which smaller doses of an addictive substance are given to a sufferer until they can do without it.

It is the same with Love Island. After weeks of watching people crack on and be ‘true to themselves’, fans have had to go cold turkey, forced to spend evenings socialising or getting an early night instead. It has been nothing short of hell.

So when it was announced there would be a reunion special two weeks after the final aired, in which we could all see what drama had ensued in the outside world and relive our favourite moments from the series, it was nothing short of a blessing.

The show aired last night and banished all our Sunday scaries but what did people make of it?

Many people were confused as to why all of the finalists were interviewed next to presenter Laura Whitmore on the sofa but Kaz and Tyler only got a short chat from their seats in the audience:

But they were excited that they have now become boyfriend and girlfriend:

People speculated as to why Jake was missing from the show. He said he was feeling ill:

And others wondered why some of the islanders weren’t getting much airtime:

People loved that Shannon broke ranks and was the only islander who thought Millie should not have forgiven Liam when he cheated on her with Lillie in Casa Amor:

And people thought Dale and Abi looked good together:

For some people, the show fell a bit flat:

But everyone agreed that Chloe and Toby laughing through the show was hilarious:

Love Island hopefully returns next summer in which, given how mad the world is becoming, we will probably watch it in a flood shelter in hazmat suits hiding from the Omega variant or something. See you there!

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