Nigel Farage ridiculed for flying all the way to US for Trump's disastrous rally
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Over the weekend, Donald Trump held the first of his presidential campaign rallies in months.

It had many issues – such as the fact that 6,200 people attended (in a 19,000 capacity stadium), and the fact that Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, had tweeted about how many people would have attended, if not for ‘radical activists’. But some people had obviously expected it to be a massive event – people like Nigel Farage.

Farage posted a photo of himself on Twitter on Friday – in the USA. The caption suggested that he was “only 24 hours” from Tulsa, where Trump’s rally took place.

It may be a reference to the Gene Pitney song, "24 hours from Tulsa".

It’s somewhat ironic coming from someone who’s spent the last three months of lockdown talking about how people are flouting lockdown rules.

But it's also in line with his previous behaviour – he’s previously taken trips to the seaside where he patrolled the beaches looking for people who were arriving in the UK via boat during lockdown (which he didn’t find).

He said that it was part of his duty as a journalist – he was employed by LBC Radio at the time – but he was dropped from his radio show there last week, so he probably couldn’t use the same excuse this time.

The photo that Farage posted seems to indicate that he wasn’t following quarantine orders in the US, which involves avoiding non-essential travel, and quarantining for two weeks after arrival. It seemed that US officials exempted Nigel Farage from the travel ban in the US because of a ‘national interest’ clause.

Farage has previously appeared at a Trump rally in 2016, and spoke at the CPAC conference in February 2020.

People on Twitter pointed out how ridiculous his behaviour was.

For someone who’s built a whole career out of getting mad that people didn’t follow rules at borders, it may seem kind of ironic – but it’s just proof that Farage thinks the regular rules don’t apply to him.

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