It has been announced by LBC Radio that Nigel Farage will no longer be hosting his show on the station with 'immediate effect.'

In a tweet posted by LBC on Thursday afternoon, the station stated that Farage's contract with them was up shortly and after a discussion with the Brexit Party leader he would be stepping down.

LBC thanked Farage for his enormous contribution which included him calling for anyone that didn't support Brexit in the civil service or military to be removed, claiming he was a 'key worker' just so he could go and make a film shaming migrants and having his own voters turn against him to name just a few of his completely unimpressive highlights during his four years on the radio show, which started in January 2017.

Farage's show had run for five days a week every evening and was on the air yesterday. He signed his show off indicating that he was going to be back the next day.

Farage has, unsurprisingly not been a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, comparing it to the Taliban. Some reports indicate may have led to the decision.

Although he hasn't completely vanished from British politics, his departure from at least one platform has yielded many responses most of which are along the lines of 'good riddance.'

James O'Brien who also hosts a show on LBC Radio was not sad to see his colleague go.

In the absence of Farage, the discussion has now turned to people who should fill the slot.

With a pandemic still going on and without any real relevance left in Westminster now that he has achieved his goal of Brexit its safe to say that Farage is finally starting to become irrelevant. Still, at least he'll have more time to sit around in his crusty old shorts now.

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