Nigel Farage said the new EU president had no 'legitimacy' and everyone said the same thing

Nigel Farage said the new EU president had no 'legitimacy' and everyone said the same thing

On Tuesday, MEPs voted Germany's Ursula von der Leyen to be the new EU Commission president, winning by a margin of 383 votes to 327.

The 60-year-old needed the backing of at least 374 MEPs to succeed standing president Jean-Claude Juncker and will take on her new role on 1 November.

After her victory, the centre-right politician said in a speech to the European Parliament:

The trust you placed in me is confidence you placed in Europe. 

Your confidence in a united and strong Europe, from east to west, from south to north.

It is a big responsibility and my work starts now. Let us work together constructively.

We doubt that there were many people in the EU Parliament complaining about this decision but there is always one and, in cases like this, the one is usually Nigel Farage.

The Brexit Party leader tweeted about how he believed that Von der Leyen lacked 'legitimacy' because of how many votes she had won by.

Farage, who is no stranger to owning himself on Twitter, really didn't think the criticism through, as he is probably the last person who should be talking about legitimacy and winning by narrow margins.

As you can imagine, people really laid into him for this one, especially when the vote roughly worked out as a 52 per cent victory for the Von der Leyen.

Others reminded Farage of all the elections that he won and how many people voted for him to be the leader of the Brexit Party.

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