Nigel Farage owns himself after bragging about a businessman paying for his private plane to France

Greg Evans
Friday 18 January 2019 10:15

Nigel Farage is having quite a week.

The former UKIP leader is seeing his dream of a hard Brexit crumble before his eyes and he was absolutely roasted by Channel 4 News for taking a private plane to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

It was an embarrassing moment for the 54-year-old, who claims to be against the so-called 'metropolitan elites', as he failed to give a justifiable explanation for using the plane.

That should have been the end of it, as Farage was left to hang around with his Brexiteer mates with his tail firmly between his legs but he just had to chime back, didn't he?

In a tweet that he posted on Thursday, the day after the interview was conducted, Farage thanked the Channel 4 presenter Matt Frei for the interview as it led to an unnamed businessman offering to pay for the flight.

Farage may have initially thought this would have been an epic way at getting one over on Channel 4 and Frei but he clearly didn't put too much thought into it as bragging about a businessman paying for your flights isn't exactly the best way to distance yourself from 'the elite.'

He also said in the interview that he had already paid for the flight so it's either a big fib or was reimbursed for the flight. Either way, it's not a good look and he soon found himself getting mocked again.

If it couldn't get any worse for Farage, the writer Dan Rebellato pointed out that as a member of the European Parliament he legally has to declare who the businessman was and where the donation came from.

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