Nikki Grahame’s top 5 Big Brother moments as fans pay tribute to reality TV icon

Nikki Grahame’s top 5 Big Brother moments as fans pay tribute to reality TV icon

Fans have shared their memories of Nikki Grahame’s time on Big Brother, after news broke on Saturday that the reality TV star had passed away following a battle with anorexia.

Grahame, who died on Friday morning aged 38, appeared on the TV show – then on Channel 4 – in 2006, for the programme’s seventh series.

In a statement, shared on a GoFundMe page which was originally set up to raise funds for Grahame to receive specialist treatment for the eating disorder, one of the organisers said it was with “great sadness” that they had to share the news.

“It breaks our hearts to know that someone who is so precious was taken from us at such a young age. Nikki not only touched the lives of millions of people, but also her friends and family who will miss her immensely,” it reads.

The crowdfunder received almost £69,000 in donations, with the money being held until the funds are given to an organisation supporting anorexia sufferers.

As fans continue to react to the news, many have shared their favourite moments from Grahame’s time on Big Brother.

Who is she?

Without a doubt Grahame’s biggest moment on the show came as she sat down in the golden armchair of the Diary Room to vent about fellow housemate Susie. She had voted for Grahame to be evicted from the house, and the star didn’t take it all too well.

Stretching her arm outwards, she says: “Who is she? Who is she? Who is she? Where did you find her?

“I can feel the venom pouring out of me, as I breathe.”

The air-con

When you’re trapped in a house with several other people, the atmosphere is bound to get a little tense - or rather, chilly.

Grahame made another trip to the Diary Room during her time in the house when she took issue with the air conditioning.

She asked Big Brother: “What are you trying to do? What are you trying to do? 

“How am I supposed to get out of bed in the morning, when the f***ing air-con is a blizzard? I’m going to catch a cold.

“Please, stop being a***holes!”

Big Brother weren’t very cool about it either, deciding to tease her by responding in Welsh that her request was noted.

The cereal incident

It wasn’t just air-con which Grahame was unhappy about, either. In that same series, the serial ranter became a cereal ranter.

“Big Brother, can you open the larder and can we have our shopping? ‘Cause that selfish yank has just eaten all the f***ing food and me and Imogen have got nothing to eat for breakfast now.

“He’s had four bowls of cereal yesterday – four­ – and they’re not just normal bowls, they’re f***ing mountains of Cornflakes.

“Like a mountain and a whole bag of sugar,” she vented.

When the housemate suggested giving porridge oats a try instead, Grahame’s response – aired in private in the Diary Room – was simply: “Why don’t you have some, you fat ox?”

Her last appearance in the Big Brother house

While her first time in the house was back in 2006, Grahame made several returns during the show’s run on both Channel 4 and, later, Channel 5.

When she was invited back in for the final series in 2018, she told Big Brother: “[The show] has played such a huge part in my life. It’s changed my life for the better.

“I don’t have one regret. Not one. It will always have a place in my heart.”

Her eviction reaction

The first time she was in the Big Brother house in 2006, Grahame finished in fifth place.

Evicted, she waited for the big doors to the outside world to open, where she would chat with host Davina McCall about her experience.

However, it was clear that Grahame was distressed about the public’s perception of her, sorting out her hair and earrings before spinning around in circles.

Yet, when she was met with cheers and screams of support from fans outside, Grahame appeared shocked and emotional.

“Oh my god, thank you so much,” she can be heard saying, in amongst the cries from the crowd.

Thank you, Nikki.

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