Pepsi aren't the only company in trouble for a terrible advert

Pepsi weren’t the only brand to release an incredibly ill-conceived advertising campaign this week.

Nivea posted the following advert to their Facebook page, geographically targeting it at their followers in the Middle East.

Yes, that really does say ‘White is purity’.

To be clear, what they are saying is that their deodorant doesn’t leave any marks, so if you wear white like the lady in the photo does, your clothes won’t get ruined.

However, the phrase ‘White is purity,’ is not something you’d really want to be plastered on your brand in big letters, is it?

Understandably, the backlash was swift:

Nivea have now deleted the advert, saying an a statement:

We are deeply sorry to anyone who may take offence to this specific post. After realising that the post is misleading, it was immediately withdrawn


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