Noel Edmonds just put on a dress and threw shade at the BBC and we have so many questions

Noel Edmonds has dressed up as a woman and taken to YouTube to talk about the BBC in a video which can only be described as half passive aggressive genius, half weird.

Ok, mostly weird.

Priscilla Prim is apparently Edmond's posh BBC presenter alter ego, and she is here to tell the public off for watching re-runs of his old TV show, Noel's House Party, online.

And in the process (s)he threw some glorious shade BBC's way...

Hello we at the BBC have noticed that some people- well, to be precise, because we are the BBC and being precise is more important to us than being accurate...

It is, quite frankly, bizarre.

[Noel’s House Party] is jolly good family entertainment: of the kind with which we no longer wish to be associated.

This was closed down when we ran out of ideas of how to entertain the public in a way they found entertaining.

By watching Noel’s House Party and telling your friends about it you’re reminding them of a bygone age - when we at the BBC had an entertainment department.

This isn’t the first time Edmonds has had scathing words for the BBC: back in March he referred to the organisation as a “terminally ill corpse.”

But seriously, Noel: what is going on?

Watch the entire three minutes below. We warn you, it's... peculiar...

indy100 has reached out to Edmonds for comment.

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