North Korean soldier who defected speaks out about life under Kim Jong-un

North Korean soldier who defected speaks out about life under Kim Jong-un

A former North Korean soldier, who defected to the South, has revealed in an interview details about his life in the country.

The man, who wished to keep his identity a secret, said his defection was borne out of desperation, having already been caught making an attempt to cross the border.

He told Sky News he was beaten for 15 days while his family were rounded up and questioned.

Having reportedly served two decades in North Korea's military, he escaped from the country last year, but was forced to leave his wife and his two daughters behind.

His family were struggling for food, so in order to feed them he travelled to China to earn money to send back.

He said that he had witnessed public executions, including those of his own soldiers.

He told Sky News in Seoul:

In our unit, when I was a lieutenant, we saw one of our own soldiers executed by gunfire.

Public executions ... I have seen a lot of public executions.

When asked about TV images from Pyongyang of the celebrations of the country’s 70th anniversary, he said:

When people are clapping,if you don't clap, if you nod off, you're marked as not following Kim Jong-Un's doctrine.

You have to do it because you don't want to die.

You chant 'Long Live' and clap because you don't want to die.

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