Norway wants to give a mountain to Finland as an Independence Day present

Louis Dor
Friday 18 December 2015 14:00
(Original picture: Carsten Frenzl/Flickr

An online campaign has been launched in Norway to give a mountain peak to Finland, to mark 100 years since Finland declared independence from Russia in 1917.

Part of the mountain is located in Finland, forming the country’s highest point, but the peak remains 20 metres inside Norwegian territory.

The campaign proposes redrawing borders in order to “gift” the mountain to Finland.

A post on the campaign’s Facebook page, which has currently been liked over 4,500 times, reads:

Not only will this be a great gift, but how many countries can brag about having given a mountain as a gift?

Let us take Finland to new heights!

Finland declared independence in the Parliament of Finland on 6 December 1917, marking a secession from Russia following the announced right of self-determination for the 'peoples of Russia' by the Bolsheviks on 15 November 1917.

Finland was recognised by the United Kingdom's government on 6 May 1919.


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