Now Jeremy Corbyn is leader, his plan for PMQs might just be his best policy idea

Now Jeremy Corbyn is leader, his plan for PMQs might just be his best policy idea

Picture: BBC Parliament/Screengrab

Jeremy Corbyn, the Islington North MP, announced on Saturday as the new leader of the Labour party, has raised an idea that could change Prime Minister’s Questions forever.

Corbyn told supporters at his final rally:

Fundamentally many people are turned off by a political process when the major parties are not saying anything different enough about how we run the economy, and totally turned off by a style of politics which seems to rely on the levels of clubhouse theatrical abuse that you can throw across at each other in parliament and across the airwaves.

His calls for more reasoned debate and less boisterous noise in the commons could resonate with some voters, for whom PMQs has become less about accountability, and more about soundbites.

Last year, the Hansard society found that 67 per cent of the public agree that "there is too much party political point-scoring instead of answering the question", while only 5 per cent disagreed.

In a further attempt to democratise Labour party politics, it has been suggested that Corbyn might send other MPs to face David Cameron at PMQs:

If Corbyn is successful in his attempts to reach disaffected voters, he could change the political landscape, not just within the Labour party, but entirely.

As the Independent reported in May, if everyone who did not vote in the General Election had voted for an ‘Apathy party’, it would have held a majority in the Commons.

Food for thought.

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