This week the leaders of the Labour and the Conservative party - Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May - faced audiences questions on live TV ahead of the snap general election.

Mr Corbyn went second, facing tough questions on anti-Semitism within his party, dealing with Brexit and his stance on nuclear disarmament around the world.

While discussing the possible 'reality' of using nuclear weapons if elected Prime Minister - Jeremy Corbyn came under pressure from members of the audience and host David Dimbleby.

Mr Corbyn said:

Obviously we have to protect ourselves. We would not use it as first use, and, if we did use it, millions are going to die. You have to think these things through.

He was then pressed again by a different audience member who asked: "Would you use it as second use?"

Or would you allow North Korea, or some idiot in Iran to bomb us - and then say 'Ooh we better start talking'. You'd be too late. You're going to have to do it first.

Mr Corbyn replied "Of course not". He pointed out that he agreed that President Obama's deal with Iran needed to be upheld. "It's quite important actually," Mr Corbyn said as the audience member shook his head. "It's important to promote disarmament in North Korea," Corbyn added.

Another audience member said:

You're asking a massive wish when you've got one of the world's biggest arsenals by your side.

But it was one woman who made, possibly, the most important point of the night.

When called upon by David Dimbleby to comment, she said:

I don't understand why everyone in this room seems so keen on killing millions of people with a nuclear bomb.

I think it's worth moving on from that particular debate, because we are talking about murdering people.

Simply put.

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