This evening the leaders of two of the largest parties in the UK, Theresa May for the Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Party appeared on the BBC ahead of the snap general election.

The format was simple; each leader would take questions from the audience which they had not been made aware of beforehand. After answering said question, host David Dimbleby would then moderate back and forth. Both May and Corbyn would follow this process separately, they would not debate head to head.

The first question came from Abigail Etock.

Abigail asked:

Why should the public trust anything you say, when you have a known track record of broken promises, and backtracking during your time as Home Secretary and now Prime Minister?

As Mrs May attempted to begin the platitudes of thanking David Dimbleby and thanking the audience, the same audience applauded Abigail for her incredible question.

She then responded by listing a few of the things she achieved as Home Secretary, including dealing with extremist hate preachers, dealing with stop and search racial profiling and being tough on crime.

David gave Abigail the right to respond, asking her if there were any specific U-turns or backtracks she was thinking about.

You have backtracked as Prime Minister. You backtracked when you became leader of the Conservatives and immediately after the EU referendum.

She then goes on to discuss Theresa May avoiding the debates, the Conservative's U-turn on social care and the issue of Brexit - specifically the fact that Theresa May was a Remain campaigner.

Abigail received a torrent of applause for holding the PM to account and she certainly had a lot of fans on Twitter.

It was lethal.

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