A woman who wanted to break the Guinness World Record for running the London Marathon dressed as a nurse had her application rejected because she wasn't wearing a dress.

Jessica Anderson, an NHS nurse working on the Acute Admissions Unit at the Royal London Hospital, was told that despite finishing in only three hours, eight minutes and 22 seconds, her attempt would not count because she was wearing scrubs with trousers which were "too much like a doctor's uniform".

Anderson has since called on the organisation to change their "outdated criteria", claiming Guinness World Record (GWR) were "reinforcing old gender stereotypes".

Their current rules state that a nurse's uniform consists of a "blue or white dress, pinafore apron, and a traditional nurse's cap" (because apparently we are back in the 1950s).

Anderson's story has not only made headlines around the world but also started a trending hashtag on twitter, #WhatNursesWear, in which nurses are sharing pictures of themselves to debunk the stereotype.

It looks like GWR will now be looking into revising their rules, writing in a statement:

Inclusiveness and respect are values that Guinness World Records holds extremely dear, and while we always need to ensure we can differentiate between categories, it is quite clear that this record title is long overdue a review, which we will conduct as a priority in the coming days.


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