NUS will condemn Israel and Ukip but not Isis

The National Union of Students has condemned everything from Ukip to David Lammy - but not, it seems, Isis.

The Union's National Executive council (NEC) refused to pass a motion criticising the terror group, which has enslaved women and displaced or killed tens of thousands of people, in its most recent meeting. It comes shortly after the NEC passed a motion to boycott Israel entirely, despite warnings it could alienate Jewish students.

A spokesperson for the NUS said in a statement:

At our most recent NEC meeting, a motion on this issue was presented and voted on by all members. Some committee members felt that the wording of the motion being presented would unfairly demonise all Muslims rather than solely the group of people it set out to rightfully condemn.

According to student newspaper the Tab, the wording was as follows:

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