Donald Trump supporters are absolutely fuming about The New York Times winning a Pulitzer Prize for its groundbreaking project about slavery.

The project explores the 400-year history since the very first arrival of African slaves on the shores of America in August 2019.

Much of the history from this time onwards is told through the lens of white people, so the project retells these stories “truthfully” by black Americans.

The project website states:

It aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.

Some essays in the project explore myths about physical racial differences, the influence of black music and an analysis of how the effects of slavery has defined the modern US prison system.

The project was launched in August last year – around the anniversary of the first landing of slaves in Virginia – and has since gained national attention for its vital work in reshaping history with a level playing field.

And now it’s won a Pulitzer Prize.

The official Twitter account announced the win on Monday night for journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones:

Almost immediately, Donald Trump supporters and conservative commentators were up in arms over the win.

Why? Besides the fact that Trump absolutely hates the NYT, many MAGA fans saw the retelling of American history from a new voice as an attack.

For example, conservative TV host and Trump supporter, Rob Maness, tweeted that the Pulitzer win was a “joke”:

Similarly, Trump supporter (with photo at a recent Donald Trump rally to prove it) @jpc14409 tweeted the win was “offensive and shameful”:

Posting about her win on Twitter, Hannah-Jones simply tweeted:

She later said the project was “the most important work” of her life.

Absolutely deserved.

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