O2 down: Users say the phone network is not working again and people are fed up

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O2 users are reporting that they can’t make or receive calls and texts as the company’s mobile network is experiencing problems again.

It was the second time people had reported widespread problems with the mobile service in recent months, following an incident in December when O2 services went down.

O2 have confirmed they are aware of an issue with their “voice services” and are investigating the system.

Analysis from Downdetector, a service which monitors phone outages, suggested that the problems were pretty widespread.

And people were fed up with having their phones go down again.

We should all spare a thought for the social team at The O2 Arena right now who are absolutely killing it with the CTRL + Vs.

Last time O2 went down, people were freaking out about the possibility of having to talk... to real people...

Hopefully, after some recent practice, it won't be so stressful this time.

O2 have apologised for any inconvenience caused by the problems and say data has not been affected.

More information on O2 network status updates can be found here.

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