The Obamas have revealed their summer 2019 playlist

The Obamas have revealed their summer 2019 playlist, and obviously, it's very cool.

If anyone ever asks me ever again who I want to invite to my dream dinner party remind me to only say Michelle and Barack Obama.

In a post-Obama political climate that feels a bit like when the baddies take over the Ministry of Magic it's nice to remember things that bring joy, like music, and a couple that genuinely seem to be in love after all this time together. Barack shared his and Michelle's summer playlist on Twitter and he's still the coolest guy to have ever graced the White House.

There's Beyonce, there's Drake, Rihanna, some Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra to keep it classic, and some Rolling Stones and The Black Keys to inject a bit of rock'n'roll to proceedings. We can't say for sure, but Trump's favourite music is probably just white noise. So here's a photo of the best couple ever to cheer up your Sunday, if you pretend they're still in office it makes it even better.

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