Pete Souza, former chief photographer for Barack Obama when he was in the White House, has been gaining quite the following on Instagram.

Eagle-eyed followers have noticed a few coincidences between what Souza has been posting, and the time he posts them.

When Trump signed an order banning entry to the US from seven Muslim-majority countries, Souza posted this:

When Trump reportedly told Mexico’s president about sending troops there to target 'bad hombres,' Souza posted a photo of Obama with the president:

And when Trump had an awkward call with the Australian prime minister, he took the same tack:

In late January Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch for the supreme court, Souza posted this:

Last year Senate Republicans refused to even schedule nomination hearings for Garland for the job last year when Obama put him forward.

And when it was reported that Trump's White House aides had to conduct a meeting in the dark because they couldn’t find the light switches?

Souza had it covered.

And could this be anything to do with the running joke about Trump's alleged fear of stairs?

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