Incredible obituary of man who served in WW2, married his husband and changed his name goes viral

Keystone/Getty Images / @JeremyDuns

It's difficult to know what constitutes a good life. In an early episode of Seinfeld, a funeral causes the characters to take stock and wonder whether they're making the most of their time on this plane of existence.

One man who certainly lived a full life was Cecil Herbert William Hodges, also known as Bill. He sadly passed away in November last year at the age of 95 and writer Jeremy Duns spotted his remarkable obituary in his old school's magazine.

There is so much to marvel at here. The involvement in the Normandy landings, the fact that Hodges was one of the first British men to enter Belsen during the liberation and his marrying the love of his life in 2005 when same-sex marriage was finally legalised all add up to something truly remarkable.

The kicker, however, is the revelation at the end; Cecil finally changed his name to Bill when his mother passed away at the grand old age of 101.

This extraordinary life seems to prove Radiohead's suggestion that true love waits.

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