Ocado delivery drivers are paid ‘less than £5 an hour’ and people are outraged

Ocado delivery drivers are paid ‘less than £5 an hour’ and people are outraged

Ocado delivery drivers pay has been revealed to be less than £5 an hour, according to reports, and people are outraged.

An Observer analysis of worker’s payslips found that workers are earning the paltry sum despite their work throughout the pandemic. They found that drivers had a previously guaranteed an hourly wage of £14. But after the company brought in a new delivery partner, Ryde, in June, their income was cut. Ocado and Ryde strongly refute these allegations.

Reacting to the story, people on social media were horrified and called for those employed by the company to be treated better:

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), which represents the drivers, told the Observer that they will be writing an open letter to Ocado calling on them to take responsibility for the workers.

“These drivers are key workers who risked their lives during the pandemic delivering vital supplies for Ocado but are now seeing their pay slashed by a company that has seen profits skyrocket,” said Alex Marshall, the union’s president.

“They should be treated as the heroes they are. Ocado needs to take responsibility and bring these workers in-house.”

A spokesperson from Ocado said: “All deliveries are made by Ocado employees, who receive significantly above the living wage. Overall, 99 per cent of all our drivers are employed by Ocado Group and we are looking for more full-time drivers for those people seeking direct employment.

“For Zoom, Ocado’s immediacy service currently operating in West London, a small proportion of deliveries are made by third-party delivery partners. Drivers who accept and fulfil orders for these partners receive above the living wage on a pro rata basis.

“It would be unacceptable to Ocado for any drivers to be paid below the living wage. We are committed to working closely with suppliers to ensure our model delivers great outcomes for everyone involved, including everyone delivering orders to Zoom customers.”

A spokesperson from Ryde said:

“As a “rider-first” last-mile delivery business, we put the welfare of our self-employed contractors at the heart of everything that we do.

“We aim to pay 20 per cent above the market average, well ahead of both minimum wage and the London living wage and over 90 per cent of Ryde drivers earn above the London living wage. Driver pay does vary depending on the acceptance and fulfillment of jobs and the average driver pay for Ryde users is currently £12 p/h.

“We are concerned by recent media reports and are investigating the specific instances, although from an initial assessment of driver data we strongly refute that drivers are being paid below minimum wage for their work with Ryde.”

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