Remember when a week ago, Jon Snow made a remark about a pro-Brexit march and how many "white people" there were?

Well, many people apparently didn't seem to like this comment, as the media regulator Ofcom has just announced that they've launched an investigation into the comments after it had received 2,644 complaints.

The Channel 4 news presenter said he had "never seen so many white people in one place" while reporting from a pro-Brexit protest outside Westminster on the day the UK was meant to leave the EU.

Wrapping up the programme, Snow said:

It’s been the most extraordinary day. A day which has seen … I have never seen so many white people in one place, it’s an extraordinary story. There are people everywhere, there are crowds everywhere.

As the comment started drawing criticism, Channel 4 News apologised in a statement, which said:

This was an unscripted observation at the very end of a long week of fast-moving Brexit developments.

Jon has covered major events such as this over a long career and this was a spontaneous comment reflecting his observation that in a London demonstration of that size, ethnic minorities seemed to be significantly under-represented. We regret any offence caused by his comment.

An Ofcom spokeswoman said:

We’re investigating whether comments made by the presenters on these programmes broke our rules on offensive content.

HT The Guardian

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