Ohio special election: Trump claims 'great victory' for Troy Balderson despite narrow margin

Jay LaPrete/ AP/ Twitter

There is nothing Donald Trump likes more than taking credit for something that he didn't do.

Whether making bold claims in public speeches or on Twitter, the president is more than happy to stroke his own ego on any subject.

The latest incident of POTUS has taken credit for something, which he clearly had no hand in whatsoever, was Tuesday night's crucial special election in Ohio.

The election was held in order to find a replacement for Representative Pat Tiberi and although it is yet to be confirmed, it looks like Republican Troy Balderson has scraped a victory.

Despite all this, Trump called Troy's win a 'great victory' and claimed that it was all down to him after he hosted a rally for the candidate in Columbus on Saturday night.

O'Connor is still yet to concede the election and thanked his volunteers and the voters of Ohio last night on Twitter and asked for further donations for what could be a "long and expensive recount".

With this in mind, people have been quick to point out to Trump that he may have spoken too soon on the issue and that this 'great victory' isn't far from significant, as Ohio traditionally votes Republican anyway, meaning that they should probably be a little concerned.

With the midterm elections just around the corner, Trump and his fellow Republicans have been in campaign overdrive to make sure that they can maintain their house majority, where the Democrats need just 23 seats and only two seats in the Senate to gain control of the chambers.

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