Teacher suspended after being filmed using racial slur towards student

Teacher suspended after being filmed using racial slur towards student

A white teacher in the US state of Oklahoma has been put on administrative leave after she was recorded calling a student the n-word.

The incident reportedly happened at the Holdenville High School on Friday between an unnamed teacher and an unidentified male student.

During the altercation, the student attempts to leave the classroom, telling the teacher that he plans to “walk home” but she responds by telling him “I’m keeping you here.”

As they argue, the teacher attempts to block the student’s exit from the room by grabbing his rucksack which prompts the boy to say, “you better watch where you touch me.” It is not clear from the video whether he uses any offensive language towards her in that sentence.

The teacher then responds to this with a racial slur. “You better get yourself over there, n*****, do it,” she says, which is greeted with an audible gasp from other students in the classroom.

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The student eventually leaves the classroom and calls the teacher a ‘b***h’ before she claims that she will be calling the police.

The incident has since been shared on Facebook. Viewer discretion is advised as it does contain offensive language.

The teacher has since been put on administrative leave by the school who have launched a ‘full investigation’ into what has happened.

In a statement, Randy Davenport, the superintendent of Holdenville Public Schools, said: “Holdenville Public Schools’ main priority is the safety and well-being of our students. The district is fully aware of the incident that occurred at our high school on Friday, April 9, 2021.

“At this time, the staff member in question has been placed on administrative leave and will be through the duration of a full investigation is completed.”

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