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A new study has found that having more sex as you age can improve your brain function and possibly make you more intelligent.

Researchers from Coventry University and Oxford University asked 73 people aged between 50 and 83 about their sex lives over the past year, including how often they had it, as well as questions about their general health and lifestyle.

They also took part in a test to measure different brain functions, including attention, memory, fluency, language and visuospatial activity (which is the ability to see objects and the spaces between them).

They found that those who had sex more often scored the most highly, including higher scores on verbal fluency and visuospatial activity tests.

Memory, attention and language weren't affected by how often they were getting action in the bedroom, however.

The study, published in The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences, stated:

Overall cognitive scores were consistently higher in those who are sexually active compared to those than those who are not.

The current study demonstrates that older men and women who engage in regular SA (sexual activity) have better cognitive functioning than those who do not engage in SA, or do so infrequently.

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