One chart that shows just how convincing Jeremy Corbyn's victory really was

While Jeremy Corbyn's victory eventually came as no surprise on Saturday, his emergence as leader of the Labour party has been described as one of the most extraordinary results in British political history.

The veteran MP for Islington North, who has spent his entire career on the backbenches, was a 100-1 rank outsider when the election process began at the start of summer but soon surged to the top of the polls with his anti-austerity, socialist message.

And despite accusations that his success was thanks to so-called entry-ists from the far-left and those from the right trying to sabotage the vote by paying £3 to become registered supporters under a new scheme, this chart from the Independent on Sunday shows just how dominant Corbyn's victory was.

As well as winning a majority of votes from the 106,000 registered supporters and 72,000 affiliated supporters, Corbyn won more than double the votes of his nearest rival from the 246,000 fully paid-up members of the party who took part.

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