Nearly a third of Londoners say they won’t use the night Tube, ever.

Twenty-nine per cent of respondents to a YouGov survey said that they would never use the 24-hour service, including 55 per cent of people aged over 60.

Despite the small amount of people who said they would regularly use it, 79 per cent of people said the 24-hour weekend Tube service was a good thing for the capital.

Transport for London estimates that 1,965 permanent jobs will be supported by the night Tube – 265 through direct operation of the service and 1,700 indirectly in the night-time economy.

The project will cost around £10.9 million, with yearly operating costs on the lines of £27.9 million.

The profit made in the first year is estimated to be £8.3 million, figures given to Aslef by TfL reveal.

Rail worker unions are concerned that the night Tube could bring unfair working conditions, one of the key reasons for this week's strikes.

Union members say that London Underground staff are being offered a 0.75 per cent pay increase this year, and they claim that this is not enough to compensate for the increase in night shifts that the night Tube will bring.

“If London Underground was seriously interested in the night Tube they would have put together a more serious proposal,” rail workers' union Aslef's district organiser Finn Brennan told The Independent.

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