The one question Jon Stewart would have asked Donald Trump during the election

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It has been just over a year since Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.

Many of you might agree that it seems like like a longer than just 12 months as we've had quite a lot of falsehoods to deal with since then.

Trump's rise to power was littered with controversy and baffling moments that would have halted any other candidates path to the White House.

One thing that seemed to resonate with every Trump supporter and was consistent throughout his campaign was his catchphrase.

Make America Great Again.

That phrase was bellowed at every campaign rally and adorned all of those now infamous red caps but did anyone actually stop to ask him, "What makes America great?"

That's what former Daily Show host Jon Stewart would have asked him if he was given the chance.

During an interview with CBSshortly after last year's election, Stewart said:

One of the things that I think struck me as odd about this election was … nobody asked Donald Trump what makes America great.

What are the metrics?

Because it seems like, from listening to him, that the metrics are that it’s a competition.

You can watch the full interview with Stewart in the video below.

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