Only one politician performed worse than Jeremy Corbyn in a poll on "favourability" with the British electorate: the ever popular Vladimir Putin.

A ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday also saw the Conservatives open up their biggest lead over Labour in five years (15 points) to top off what has been a bad week for Corbyn.

Fifty per cent of respondents said they had an "unfavourable" view of Corbyn compared to 22 per cent who held a "favourable" view while 55 per cent gave the Russian president a negative rating compared to just 13 per cent in favour.

Barack Obama (+44 per cent) and Boris Johnson (+17 per cent) achieved the most positive ratings of the politicians surveyed.

The Labour leader was criticised earlier this week in the wake of the Paris attack after saying he disagreed with the police's use of a "shoot to kill" policy in terror situations- he was later forced to clarify exactly what he meant.

To make matters worse, a key union leader broke ranks on Saturday to criticise Corbyn warning that it was time the party "got its act together", claiming that things could not "get any worse".

Read the full results of the ComRes poll here

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