ebonypotatohead / Twitter

Ever seen an optical illusion on the internet, been totally confused, but also determined to get to the bottom of it?

Well, that's exactly what happened to Twitter user Jaylynn Malone's mum, when she saw one of her daughter's confusing videos.

In a string of Tweets, @ebonypotatohead explained what happened.

When her mum saw the footage, she was blown away, confused, and tempted to try it out for herself.

Some hysterical laughter later...

And this incredible video is the result of their hard work.

She then thanks her mum and sister for the fact they've made the string of tweets possible.

The trick sparked some copycats...

Whereas some people were still confused.

And some just didn't even want to go there.

This final step is key to the outcome.

Yep, we're blown away too.

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