<p>Oreo transgender tweet </p>

Oreo transgender tweet


Oreo tweeting “trans people exist” has sparked a reaction avalanche online.

Replies to the tweet from the well- known biscuit brand have varied in tone, from welcoming the support to clap backs saying that it was empty virtue signalling, a claim made by both trans supporters and transphobes.

While others have expressed disgust at the suggestion that transgender people do exist.

Transgender people are some of the most at-risk people in society with trans women of colour being the most vulnerable to violence.

Here are some of the replies to Oreo’s tweet; both positive and negative.

Respondents have ranged from the high profile, such as Chelsea Manning, who replied “so true”.

She also asked for the company to provide healthcare to their employees as Mondelez, their parent company is known to have links to Washington DC lobbyists.

However this user posted about Nabisco’s legacy on trans-inclusive healthcare

Some mirrored Manning’s sentiment and expressed the tweet just was just a cynical attempt to grab transgender people’s money without doing anything at all

Some users felt the statement was insufficient in its support. Merely acknowledge that transgender people exist was not enough; they needed explicit support for trans rights

Some people were upset that their parent company’s alleged supply methods, such as child slavery and rejected their support.

Some users asked the company to open their purse and donate to transgender supporting causes and not just use their plight to increase their profits

Some complained about the company pandering to a perceived “woke” group, expressing their transphobia.

However, one user highlighted that the tweet might in response to Majorie Taylor Greene, the newly elected Republican congresswoman who stuck up hateful posters outside her Democrat colleague Marie Newman’s office who has a transgender child.

Charlotte Clymer replied to Oreo’s tweet saying, “I don’t believe in ally cookies or anything but...”

However comedian Tim Young, who tweets anti-Democrat, anti lockdown and links to articles he’s penned about the left “weaponising” racism was not a fan of the original tweet.

Others remarked that they preferred their confectionary brands to be against trans rights

Brands have faced criticism for bandwagoning onto social justice causes without providing the financial support they need. Throughout the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, brands posting empty statements faced criticism.

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