Owen Jones did not hold back when asked if he had sympathy for Theresa May and even Americans are sharing it

Sky News

Owen Jones fired back when he was asked whether or not he had any sympathy for Theresa May after her tearful resignation speech and the internet can't handle it.

Speaking to Adam Boulton for Sky News, Jones revealed that he had absolutely no sympathy for the prime minister, who moments before cried towards the end of her speech in front of 10 Downing Street. He responded:

I've got less than no sympathy for her. She didn't publicly break down over the victims of Windrush, who, because of her policies, were driven from their homes, denied medical care, and even kicked out the country.

She didn't cry publicly over the dozens of working-class people who burned to death in Grenfell Tower. She didn't weep publicly over those who've had their benefits stripped from them, those driven to food banks because of her policies, victims of Universal Credit.

Speaking about the British media's reaction to the speech, he also added:

I think our media can often express far more sympathy for the powerful - in her care she will lead no doubt a comfortable and affluent life to her very end, rather than the victims of their policies, who I'm afraid have been driven to misery, insecurity and turmoil as a direct result. Let's think about those people.

When Boulton responds by asking: "You can't just respond on a human level?", Jones fires back with:

I have spoken on a human level. I've spoken about the humanity of those who have suffered as a consequence of her policies.

The powerful clip has since gone viral, with people in America even sharing it.

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