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Paloma Faith has reiterated her decision to bring her children up as gender neutral in a new interview with DIVA magazine.

She said:

It’s funny, I can talk to you now about us all being socially responsible humans as part of an ecosystem and it’s totally fine... but mention the phrase ‘gender-neutral’ and the world falls apart.

Paloma defines gender neutrality as:

Without regard for gender stereotypes, encouraging interaction with all kinds of toys and activities – irrespective of gender.

The Hackney-born artist gave birth to her child in December, and attracted controversy when she declined to reveal the name or sex of the baby.

Speaking at the Q Awards in 2017, she told the Mirrorthat she wants more children and they’ll all be brought up as gender neutral.

The Architect singer added she won’t be dressing her children in stereotypical boy/girl colours, instead wanting them to “be who they want to be” without outside influence.

In an interview with the Guardian, Faith described being a mother as simultaneously the worst and the best thing ever.

The beginning is awful. Your body gets turned inside out and there’s no gratitude for it afterwards.

But after six months, it’s the most amazing thing.

I have a problem with breastfeeding though. Your child won’t even look at you. It’s so rude. They don’t look at you adoringly. They’re just: “Shut up, b***h, give me your tit.”

April’s issue of DIVA is on sale from 23 March digitally at divadigital.co.uk

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