There’s often a charge levelled at the current government that it’s one rule for them and another for everyone else.

And it seems there’s no desire on their end to challenge that.

Well at least judging from a new revelation that the bars MPs frequent in Parliament aren’t subject to any of the rules that drinking establishments across the rest of the country are.

An exclusive report in The Times has revealed that bars in Parliament are “exempt” from regulations like the controversial new 10pm ‘curfew’ and taking the details of customers.

Patrons also reportedly don’t have to wear masks when visiting the bars.

The reason?

Apparently they’re classed as “workplace canteens” which are allowed to stay open past 10pm “where there is no practical alternative for staff at that workplace to obtain food”.

Isn’t that convenient.

Safe to say, people aren’t happy.

Does coronavirus know not to enter the corridors of power or something?

But while it’s frustrating, no one is surprised.


They’re still angry though.

There were suggestions that the inventor of the exemption rules should be fired.

And even Tory MPs thought it wasn't on.

Guess we’re all heading to the Strangers Bar for Friday pints?

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