Clothing brand Patagonia hilariously trolls climate deniers like Trump with 'brilliant' clothing labels
Screengrab: Twitter

In hilariously 2020 news, outerwear company Patagonia have put a hidden message on some of their clothing tags, encouraging customers to vote this November.

Patagonia, a company which has never been afraid of getting political, has taken to trolling anti-science politicians by including a brutal slogan on some of their clothing.

The label calls on customers to “vote the a**holes out”.

The message, aimed at politicians who deny climate change, can be found on their Regenerative Organic Stand-Up Shorts. It also previously featured on a t-shirt sold by the company.

While a spokesperson from Patagonia claims “it refers to politicians from any party who deny or disregard the climate crisis and ignore science”, many see it as a thinly veiled dig at Trump.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that climate change is not real and that the science behind it is “fake”.

Patagonia’s efforts to target climate change deniers – and Trump – are part of a wider effort to encourage voters to choose environmentalist politicians. Their website includes the message “vote climate change deniers out of office” with information about how to vote for “climate leaders” in November 2020.

The company’s controversial branding decision went viral on Twitter, with some users describing it as “brilliant”.

Others used it as an excuse to invest in new jackets.

But these clothing labels aren't the first time Patagonia has gone after Trump.

In 2017, the outdoor retailer sued the president for his decision to dramatically roll back the protection of national monuments.

It seems like a company which makes fleeces might just be one of the president’s most formidable of opponents.

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