Far-right YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson has public 'meltdown' and targets Piers Morgan in abusive tirade
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Lockdown is a stressful time, but judging by an astonishing Twitter tirade by InfoWars editor and YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson, it’s having a bigger impact on some people then others.

The YouTuber went on an expletive-laden tweet-storm that’s being widely described as a “meltdown” after noticing he was blocked on Twitter by Piers Morgan.

Morgan has faced criticism from Watson and far-right figures such as Katie Hopkins, who haven’t taken well to Morgan’s criticisms of the government’s coronavirus strategy.

In Watson’s initial tweets, which developed into a disturbing and aggressive tirade, the YouTuber said he was blocked by Morgan because he’d become more popular than him and “definitely more attractive”. He repeated these claims about his youth and attractiveness several times while referring to Morgan as a “crusty boomer”.

Watson also name-called the journalist several times and claimed his “entire career is based around pretending to be annoyed by anything, including vegan f***ing sausage rolls.”

We’re not going to include Watson’s tweets, because quite frankly they’re abusive and we don’t condone that sort of thing (whether it’s coming from the president of the United States or a YouTuber!)

But plenty of other people lapped up the drama regardless.

Figures on the left and right of the political spectrum enjoyed their front-row tickets to the very public spat, with many saying it was a highlight of quarantine.

Paul Joseph Watson soon began to trend on Twitter, alongside the word "meltdown" (which is never a good sign). The vast majority of people seemed to be team Piers on this one.

Despite Watson insisting Morgan would ignore his tweets, the television host eventually responded. He called Watson “a repulsive, racist, far-right, Muslim-hating, conspiracy theorist imbecile” and said he welcomes the YouTuber’s disapproval.

Watson has frequently been branded “far-right” following his support for Ukip and work with InfoWars, a site founded by a conspiracy theorist who thinks the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged by gun-control activists.

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