Footage captures remarkably cheery penguins taking stroll through deserted Cape Town
ABC News/indy100

A group of mischievous penguins have taken to the deserted streets of Cape Town and I, for one, welcome our new penguin overlords.

Video emerged of the three flightless birds casually walking down the empty street situated in Simon's Town, South Africa – a popular area for penguin spotting.

A lot of people thought it was just like the movie “Madagascar”, with the penguin characters Private, Kowalski, Skipper and Rico:

While many simply marvelled at how beautiful the little colony of penguins were.

Whatever your interpretation, there’s no denying the animal kingdom is making the most of humans in lockdown.

South Africa implemented a strict lockdown policy on 27 March, despite a small number of Covid-19 deaths.

Locals aren’t allowed outdoors for exercise and the sale of alcohol, cigarettes and clothing has been banned.

At the time of writing, South Africa has 3,300 confirmed coronavirus cases and 58 deaths.

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