People are horrified by this comedian's vile response to a woman who turned him down

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned", William Congreve wrote back in the day.

And in the 21st century, hell hath no fury like the internet faced with a misogynist, perhaps.

Last week, a woman called Heather Rae posted a screenshot of a message exchange between comedian Mike Faverman, below, and another anonymous woman.

Innocuous, really, if not for the sexist tirade apparently sent by Faverman following a polite no thank you when he asked the woman out for dinner.

Her exact words were:

I’m sorry if I gave you the impression that I wanted to date you by becoming your FB friend... that wasn’t my intention.

She even apologised for refusing his advances.

A friend of Heather's picked up the torrent of abuse, posted it on Twitter and watched it go viral:

Faverman proceeded with an insidious and thoroughly misogynistic response:

I hope me asking you to dinner doesn't give you any impression you are more attractive than you think you are...

The message got progressively more personal and abusive...

You must be very lonely and you must cry very often. It explains why you are cushy and bitter.

And ended with calling her a 'c--t' and a 'PIG.'

There. Are. No. Words.

To the credit of the internet, people were quick to condemn him, and after becoming inundated with tweets from angry users, he briefly deactivated his Twitter account.

The plot thickens however, with a screenshot of a Facebook conversation, which the Huffington Post claims as legitimate, showing him apologising profusely:

Mike Faverman tries to apologize, flails

She didn’t deserve that and I feel badly for doing it.

I made a mistake and I’m trying to rectify the situation.

I love women, I adore women, I’m consumed by women, apparently I didn’t take rejection well and I was an idiot. I was mad because she was hot and she said no.


I appreciate the feedback and advice I will try to be a better person and I will work on my anger issues towards women... I genuinely apologise to all women if I hurt you with my awful words. I hope to gain your confidence one day when I have done the work to change. Goodbye for now.

Shortly after, it appears he deleted his Facebook account. On Wednesday, the following tweet appeared on his account:


indy100 has contacted Faverman for comment.

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