People are making dangerous assumptions about a picture from the terrorist attack yesterday


Images can be misleading and context can be misinterpreted easily from still snapshots.

A prime example of this is an image that was circulated online by a Twitter account which sought to paint Muslims as unsympathetic.

The image is not helped by the fact that the woman in the hijab is looking down at her phone.

In another image on our wires, taken by the same photographer, she appears to our interpretation very concerned when she's raised her head.

However, this is an image - you cannot infer much in terms of a person's thought or intention without projecting your own bias upon it.

People were quick to point this out and condemn the tweet.

Muslims form roughly five per cent of the population of England and Wales, and 47 per cent of Muslims in the UK were born here.

Texas Lone Star is a Donald Trump supporting troll account which constantly tweets racist and Islamophobic rhetoric.

The account has continued spreading the loathsome and divisive rhetoric surrounding the tragic events outside the Houses of Parliament:

Let's not forget that most terrorists in the United States are domestic and white right-wing extremists have killed more Americans than Islamist terorrists.

We don't usually mute trolls, but this account seems like a prime candidate.

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