Now Britain is leaving the EU, people are re-sharing this quote summing up the nation's generational divide

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Friday 24 June 2016 13:30
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Two weeks ago, young people were being urged to make sure they were registered to vote to shore up the Remain vote in the EU referendum.

A reminder that they should make sure their voices were heard in the future of the country was pithily surmised by at the time by Flip Chart Rick of business and HR blog Flip Chart Fairy Tales.

Counteract the votes of older generations, he warned.

Baby boomers in particular were expected to vote heavily in favour of a Brexit, and they have an extensive rap sheet when it comes to f--king over those younger than them.

He quoted an anonymous civil servant, who said:

This is the last 'f--k you' from the baby boomers. They took the secure corporate and government jobs with the guaranteed pay rises and final salary pension schemes and benefitted from property they bought cheap and sold dear. They burnt the bridges behind them by colluding with the dismantling of the very things that had brought them prosperity. Their last act will be to burn the economy before they die.

In the light of the referendum result, the quote is being widely shared on social media again.

In the end, turnout was astonishing - 72.2 per cent of the electorate cast a vote.

A full breakdown on demographics will emerge later, but it's clear from the offset that the baby boomers - as predicted - voted almost entirely opposite to how their children and grandchildren did.

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