People are sharing Private Eye's brilliant skewering of the media's Jeremy Corbyn headlines

People are sharing Private Eye's brilliant skewering of the media's Jeremy Corbyn headlines

It's fair to say that Jeremy Corbyn hasn't exactly faced the easiest ride in the media since he emerged as the unlikely favourite to win the Labour leadership election.

A series of editorials from newspapers across the political spectrum have urged readers to be wary of Corbyn and his anti-establishment stance.

From "Jeremy Corbyn must be stopped" in the Telegraph to "If Jeremy Corbyn is the answer then Labour is asking the wrong question" in the Observer, the coverage has, for the most part, been negative.

But particular attention has been placed on a series of headlines relating to the Islington North MP in recent weeks, following the suggestion of women-only train carriages (which wasn't actually his suggestion) and his comments on Osama bin Laden's death unearthed by the Sun.

This week, Private Eye published an article showing numerous instances of headline writers taking Corbyn's comments out of context.

"How to speak Corbyn: A Headline-Writer's Guide" uses nine examples of what Corbyn actually said compared to the accompanying headline.

For instance, the magazine references a Mail Online headline which reads "Watch out! Corbyn targets 'EVERY' organisation in Britain as he vows to cut 'ludicrous' salaries paid to company bosses".

What Corbyn actually said was: "I do think the salary levels and the bonus levels again have to be looked at. Some of it is ludicrous and so I am looking at the gap in every organisation between highest and lowest levels of pay".

Several people who have posted a copy of the article on Twitter have received thousands of retweets between them...:

Although not everyone's convinced it's such a great thing:

The Eye's skewering of the media coverage follows on from the tongue-in-cheek #suggestacorbynsmear hashtag which trended last week and the excellent @CorbynWarnings Twitter account which satirises the warnings other politicians have made about the left-wing MP.

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