People are sharing their favourite Beyonce quotes and they're incredible

There is nothing like a good quote, especially when it comes from a literary scholar, an iconic symbol and living and breathing queen.

That’s right – there was once a William Shakespeare and there is now a Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

Whether you know it or not the Queen of Excellence has many 'quotables' and members of the loyal Beyhive (otherwise known as Beyonce’s legion of fans) have been sharing their favourite Beyonce quotes online.

It all began when user, @ltephani, asked Twitter to share their favourite Bey sayings. And without needing much prompting the Internet flocked to contribute to this little piece of research.

We’ve shared some of our favourites...

The time Beyonce critiqued her own acting skills while filming for Party

I look like I can’t cook. That’s accurate

When she fired a stage crew member while performing Diva

Hey? Lights! Somebody getting fired!

When she offered some life advice in Bigger

Life is your birthright they hid that in the fine print

When she had to warn Tyra Banks for sitting too close to a Jay-Z cut-out

Don’t get too close to my man now

A little gem for the ladies (first shared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2008)

Make sure you have your own life before you are someone else's wife

That time she was in Destiny Child’s and she asked what animal she would be …

I know what I would be.....a Whale.......I love whales

(In an Elle 2019 interview she confirmed she was not high in this 2001 interview)

Who remembers when she offered up life’s biggest motto in Formation?

Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper

When she let everyone know she just made history, AGAIN, in 2018

Coachella thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline Coachella. Ain’t that bout a b*tch?

When she ended rehearsals for Coachella to attend to her *three* children but made them sound like a nation of babies

I gotta go home to my fifty-eleven children

When she turned her own name into a compliment

Whoopi Golberg: “You are Beyonce”.


Thank you

Only Beyonce can respond like this and it is truly incredible.

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