People are sharing this deeply moving BBC report from the aftermath of Hillsborough

The inquest into the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 in which 96 people were killed in a human crush in the Leppings Lane stand, has ruled that that those who died were unlawfully killed.

The jury also ruled that there was no behaviour on the part of football supporters which caused or contributed to the dangerous situation, and that by error or ommission police contributed to the loss of lives in the disaster.

The verdict is a vindication for the families of the 96 who died, and the surrounding community, who campaigned for justice for their dead.

People online have been citing Peter Jones' final report after the disaster today, prior to the release of the inquiry verdict, as the most poignant reminder of the tragedy:

His report on the 15 April 1989, read:

The biggest irony is that the sun is shining now, and Hillsborough's quiet and over there to the left are the green Yorkshire hills, and who would've known that people would die here in the stadium this afternoon.

I don't necessarily want to reflect on Heysel, but I was there that night, broadcasting with Emlyn Hughes, and he was sitting behind me this afternoon, and after half an hour of watching stretchers going out and oxygen cylinders being brought in and sirens screaming, he touched me on the shoulder and said 'I can't take anymore', and Emlyn Hughes left.

The gymnasium here, at Hillsborough, is being used as a mortuary for the dead, and at this moment stewards have got little paper bags, and they're gathering up the personal belongings of the spectators.

And there are red and white scarves of Liverpool, and red and white bobble hats of Liverpool, and red and white rosettes of Liverpool, and nothing else. And the sun shines now.

The Hillsborough disaster affected Jones deeply. He continued to work, but less than a year after the events in Sheffield, he collapsed and died.

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