People have lost all perspective over the penguin love triangle

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Sunday 06 November 2016 16:45
Picture:(Screenshot / National Geographica)

A video showing two penguins in a violent battle for love has led the internet to lose its collective mind.

The National Geographic video, 'Homewrecking penguin', shows a male 'husband' penguin coming 'home' to his 'wife', only to find her shacked up with another penguin.

So Happy Feet went all crime passionnel, and the resulting video, along with its sinister narration, is more terrifying than the first Paranormal Activity. (No easy feat.)

We all know that nature can be cruel, but this is an intense emotional penguin rollercoaster.

The video has, of course, gone viral, with almost a quarter of a million shares and likes so far.

But more than that, the penguin video has swiftly become a universal symbol of rage, hate, violence and tragedy (and total bizarreness).

Forget all the dramatic love triangles of the ages - Anthony, Cleopatra and Caesar, Prince Charles, Princess Di and Camilla Parker-Jowls, Brad, Jennifer and Angelina...

...and make way for the world's most violent penguins.


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