Sex robots are here and they're already causing controversy

Sex robots are here and they're already causing controversy
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You may have read about a US company which is working on a series of realistic sex toys.

Abyss Creations, which has developed realistic sex toys for over 20 years, announced that its new, incredibly lifelike models would be going on sale for a reported £12,000 next year.

Founder Matt McMullen started the business with very realistic mannequins:

My dolls started out as very realistic posable mannequins. Not really originally designed for sexual use. The reactions I got were overwhelmingly geared toward the potential use of them as a love doll, and I decided to go with the flow.

And they're already causing something of a stir.

The firm behind a controversial proposal for a Geneva cafe where customers could receive oral sex from sex workers is reportedly now interested in using the dolls instead.

The so-called "fellatio cafe" idea made headlines around the world when Swiss escort agency revealed its plans to open a business in Geneva by the end of 2016.

Le Matinreported that the project is still in its early stages, however, and has not been approved by Geneva authorities.

While prostitution is legal in Switzerland, paid-for sexual services are banned in public establishments under the law on catering and the sale of drinks.

Facegirl spokeman Bradley Charvet told The Local that the company is now in touch with an American firm, presumably Abyss Creations, that manufactures the lifelike robot women.

'Lisa', owner of the largest erotic massage salon in Geneva, told Le Matin that the idea was "pretty funny" but "obviously nothing can replace the human touch".

According to The Local, authorities in Switzerland have yet to receive a proposal for the sex robot cafe.

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